Modern Activity Center

Project information

  1. Location Gardermoen‚ Norway
  2. Area1.800 m²
  3. Construction cost80 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2017 — 2019
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Client Møller Eiendom
  4. Enquiries Eskild Andersen (on leave)
  5. Scope VIZ

Fancy flying?

Now it is time to make that dream come true. At Modern Activity Center you can fly in a vertical wind tunnel, simulate controlling an airplane, chase projections on the bouldering wall and much more.

Scandinavia's largest

There is a vast amount of technology behind the scenes of Scandinavia's largest vertical wind tunnel, which you can catch a small glimpse of in the image below. The flight chamber diameter is 4,3 metres and features 5 metres high glass walls. The massive turbines can create wind speeds up to 300km/h.
At Nordic I found exactly what I was looking for; architectural expertise combined with a passion for flying. Bjørn Glemmestad, Client / Møller Eiendom

​Look into the future!

... and into the model of your new building, long before it is built. With Magic Leap Augmented Reallity technology, one can get unparallelled insights into a project, making sure it is aligned with the original vision.

Here you can see Bjørn Glemmestad from Møller Eiendom finding the flying man in the middle of their vertical wind tunnel, seemingly on the carpet in our office.

The Magic Leap project was executed in collaboration with Stargate Media and Møller Eiendom.

Follow the action from the sideline

Surrounding the different activities are lounge areas where spectators can follow the action. The mezzanine provides great views of the vertical wind tunnel. High ceilings and large glazed areas with views to the surrounding forest makes the centre a comfortable place to be.

Lit beacon

A little extra excitement is added to the façade in the form of strip lighting along the faceted shape of the wind tunnel tower that lights up in the evening.