Prague Airport

Project information

  1. Location Prague, Czechia
  2. Area82.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2023
  2. StatusCompetition proposal
  3. Partners Perspektiv Architects
  4. Client Václav Havel Airport Prague
  5. Enquiries Martin Moe
  6. Scope Airport planning and design
    Terminal planning and design

In collaboration with Czech-based Perspektiv Architects and Norconsult, Nordic was awarded 2nd place in an international architectural competition for a large extension project at Václav Havel Airport in Prague.

Our proposal for the new terminal extension and multifunctional building was based on a long-term development study that determined the optimal location of the building within the airport’s overall masterplan.

"The project proposes three distinctive, clearly defined objects that are related but, at the same time, skillfully formulate their own identities while also providing for intermediate phases of future development and supporting the ambitions of the master plan to create an urban environment." Jury report

The project features a new central security building for Terminal 1, including business and VIP lounges and a vertiport for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. The plan is based on four supporting cores with large uninterrupted spans, and a flexible standing facade concept. The facade comprises wooden mullions with glass that combines high-performance industrial glass with artisanal glass sheets showcasing Czech glass production capacities.

Our design approach for the vertiport was to solve its programming in accordance with aviation specific requirements in a functional and technical manner that makes the building work equally well with or without the vertiport. The design is intentionally simplistic, yet highly adaptable, ensuring minimal impact on dynamic loads and clear demarcation of building interfaces.

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The vertiport is strategically placed on a platform elevated above the main roof. This enabled us to integrate louvers and smoke-fans akin to a standard light roof structure. e This design facilitates hybrid ventilation modes, enhancing both smoke control and general building airflow.

Complementing the terminal extension, we proposed a 'twin' building with a flexible layout that is adaptable to evolving needs. The twin buildings are separated from the existing terminal 1 and from each other with green courtyards with ample daylight and vegetation that can double as air intakes and staging areas for building construction.

A third building on the other side of the airport was proposed with a hotel, a conference centre and parking facilities. The conference centre, located on the ground floor, opens up to a welcoming pedestrian plaza.

Our overall aim for Václav Havel Airport was to present a highly flexible project with an architectural sensitivity that defies the technical environment of its surroundings.