Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Area3.500 m²

Project details

  1. Year — 2017
  2. StatusDelivered
  3. Partners URBAN AGENCY
    Klaus Nielsen
  4. Client Boligselskabet DFB, v/DOMEA
  5. Enquiries Mads Lund
    Britt Nemmøe
  6. Scope Residential design
    New Build

In a remarkable transformation, the Sommerlyst development on Geislersgade in Amager has revitalized a once weary landscape. The previously tired and dilapidated apartment blocks have undergone a vibrant rebirth as social housing, illustrating the profound impact that thoughtful architectural revitalization can have on both a structure and its surrounding community.

A Variety of Housing

The development comprises a total of 28 new family homes ranging between 72 and 114 m², offering a diverse range of housing options. The residences include two- and three-story terraced houses with private front gardens, single-story apartments, and penthouses located at the top, featuring their own roof terrace.

Hi Neighbour!

The interconnected apartments are navigated through a system of staggered roof terraces and balconies, contributing to the creation of a dynamic courtyard with numerous seating areas. From this courtyard side, residents enjoy views of and access to Fællesgården, a sizable green courtyard. The ground floor also houses two retail spaces, and an underground parking garage adds to the overall convenience of the development.

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