Timber City Steinkjer

Project information

  1. Location Steinkjer

Project details

  1. Year2020
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Partners Civitas
  4. Client Steinkjer kommune
  5. Enquiries Diana Cruz
  6. Scope Masterplanning
    Urban planning
    Residential design
    Workplace design

Together with Civitas, we have developed a flexible, adaptable and realistic plan for the development of Steinkjer, both for the short and long term. The plan includes strategies for creating the best possible conditions for city life, social interaction and community, helping the municipality and citizens in shaping the future of Steinkjer.

Steinkjer’s current city centre consists of several areas with a different character that are further disconnected by the E6 motorway and railway running through it. The municipality’s ambition is to develop a well-connected and resilient city with a focus on green mobility. After a century of planning for industry and frequent car use, important functions such as the county house, hotel and culture house will find their rightful place in the historic city centre. Developing the centre in harmony with the public transport hub will be an important piece in the future development of Steinkjer.


In our vision for Steinkjer's Timber City, we unite the neighbourhoods into a holistic city centre; the barriers are transformed into nodes; the city finds its way back to the water's edge; and green pockets are integrated for the benefit of health, wellness and social engagement. The vision also goes beyond developing a new attractive centre: we want to interject balance to the urban development. Balance between transport as a tool for urban growth and human-centric planning. Balance in current demographics and attracting young people back to Steinkjer. Balance between necessary car use and green mobility for human and planetary health. Balance in overarching housing composition and neighbourhoods founded on sustainable sharing economy.

Green mobility

To achieve green and sustainable mobility development, the facilitation of an efficient, attractive and well-functioning public transport hub is critical. Conjoined efforts must be made to develop public transport services and to also facilitate cycling and walking. The overarching goal is that the public transport hub accommodates all road users, despite their means of transportation, and becomes an attractive meeting place.

Residential vision

We have also proposed a design for new residential quarters where access to nature was prioritised and communities could be fostered. The area will have lush courtyards, urban spaces and meaningful connections to distinctive recreation and nature areas. Our approach looked to explore new methods to protect the unique nature and biological diversity, whilst creating local commitment and ownership around this goal.