Entebbe Airport

Project information

  1. Location Entebbe, Uganda
  2. Area30.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2014 — 2020
  2. StatusPlanning
  3. Partners COWI
  4. Client CCCC
  5. Scope Airport planning and design

A new hub for central African aviation

Entebbe is the main airport in Uganda and an important hub for air traffic in central Africa. The planned terminal building will therefore be a stepping-stone to the future of central African aviation.

Inspired by the great Ugandan trees

The concept for the new terminal draws inspiration from the local tradition of gathering under the great Ugandan trees to make decisions for the good of all, with the branches and foliage giving shade and providing a pleasant environment.

In the building this translates to the roof of the new terminal being constructed as a space frame; representing the leaves of the tree, resting on four arms; the branches, rising from the concrete column; the tree trunk.

The concept contributes to easy wayfinding for the passengers and provides shade and protection from the elements for passengers and handlers alike. The generous height gives a spacious impression and doubles as practical means for climate control and fire ventilation.

Flexible for the future

All modules from the main grid to the smallest parts of the structure are motivated by a necessity for easy transportation and assembly, while remaining flexible and big enough for future expansions.