Project information

  1. Location Aalborg, Denmark

Project details

  1. Year2013 — 2018
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Client Hasseris Boligselskab
  4. Enquiries Rasmus Skakkebæk Sørensen
  5. Scope New Build

Grønnegården stands as a quintessential representation of 1970s public housing with a well-conceived site layout. However, recognizing the need for continued relevance and sustainability, a comprehensive project has been initiated. It entails renovations, energy enhancements, and the revitalization of outdoor areas, aiming to transform Grønnegården into a modern and forward-looking community.

Respecting the existing qualities, a comprehensive plan has been developed for the modernization of the entire residential area.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The renovation has resulted in an appealing housing development, offering a variety of housing options that align with future energy requirements. The residential area has established new connections to its surroundings, enhancing overall cohesion. Approximately one-third of the housing units have been transformed into accessible housing, fostering a diverse mix of residents.

The renovation of Grønnegården has given rise to a new, contemporary neighborhood of high quality, boasting both aesthetic and functional excellence. This accomplishment was recognized by Aalborg Municipality with a building award on Architecture Day in 2018.