Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Area27.600 m²

Project details

  1. Year2020 — 2023
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Partners Allan Rosenkilde Ingeniører
  4. Client De Forenede Ejendomsselskaber
  5. Scope Residential design
    New Build

From industrial area to modern city district

Kobbelvænget in Husum transforms and revitalises a former industrial area into a vibrant and diverse residential and commercial district. The project combines terraced houses, spacious apartments and smaller living units designed for students and low-income residents in a vivid neighbourhood shaped around shared gardens and commercial spaces in former industrial buildings.

Architecture and materials

The project aligns with classical Danish design traditions characterised by 10-degree sloping Copenhagen-style roofing, ensuring that the development does not appear as blocks or boxes but blends in with the surrounding area's 1950s architecture.

The heights and facade setbacks vary throughout the block, providing a lively and varied expression. The appearance of the buildings is scaled down, creating smaller units with a subtle architectural identity.

Materials that age beautifully over time have been selected with a focus on quality, durability and low maintenance.

Kranhallen at the heart of Kobbelvænget

At the heart of the project is Kranhallen – a remarkable two-story industrial crane building which is carefully revitalised and configured to accommodate five commercial units for leasing. The expansive interior is enhanced by inserted decks, industrial features and double-height spaces, creating unique and exciting commercial opportunities.

In synergy with other businesses in the area, including shops, co-working spaces, fitness facilities, and various other office functions, Kranhallen contributes to the lively and secure atmosphere in the area.


The project is designed to achieve the DGNB Gold certification.