Mjølnerparken & Hothers Plads

Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Area51.500 m²
  3. Construction cost875 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2011 — 2024
  2. StatusOn site
  3. Partners MOE & BOGL
  4. Client Bo-Vest
  5. Scope Urban planning
    Residential design
    Landscape design

For a number of years, Mjølnerparken has been troubled with social problems and gang-related crime. Residents and neighbours experience the area as unsafe, and it is difficult to retain resourceful residents. If we look at Mjølnerparken in relation to the area in general, it becomes apparent that it is out of scale with the surrounding city and that the public street network is lacking. As a result, there is no natural movement through the development, which therefore closes in on itself - a typical feature in exposed residential areas.

Increasingly attractive

Recent urban development in Ydre Nørrebro has made Mjølnerparken an increasingly attractive location between two new parks with excellent metro and train connections. This ensures a good foundation for the comprehensive plan to lift both the physical and the social conditions of the area, so that Mjølnerparken in the future will form an integrated part of Nørrebro.

Open and private zones

The connection to Nørrebro is strengthened by new streets and cycle paths through the area. A shopping street will also be established, and this will, together with the future nursery and community centre, this will open up the area to the public.

Each block has private courtyards where children can play safely and the scale of the buildings are adapted to the surrounding city, providing a sense of security. Several new housing types are underway, which in addition to the existing housing, can form the basis for a more varied composition of residents, and improve the social conditions in the area.