Litangen Laguna

Project information

  1. Location Litangen, Norway

Project details

  1. Year2021
  2. StatusCompetition proposal
  3. Partners

  4. Client Litangen Utvikling A/S
  5. Enquiries John Arne Bjerknes
  6. Scope Urban planning
    Residential design
    Nature based solutions

From a barren quarry to a thriving community for flora, fauna, people and society – this is our concept for Litangen Laguna, where we explored its full potential beyond the region’s busy summer season. We established a clear identity for a year-round destination, that provides attractions and varied housing typologies for residents and guests. The mostly car-free community preserves and restores the surrounding natural habitat and is designed with multiple neighbourhoods, a town square, marina and beach, all with the sea as the main focal point.

Creating an identity

Litangen Laguna occupies a prominent site on Norway’s southern coast close to the charming town of Kragerø. Our strategy was to develop the site in harmony with nature and promote biodiversity. We proposed various housing typologies that capture the essence of the traditional design of the south, 1-2 storeys in height and relatively homogenous in style. The variation between typologies is expressed through shape, size, colour and materiality – mostly timber and natural stone. From the large skipper’s houses on generous plots, to smaller fisherman’s houses in denser areas, all units adapt to the landscape.

Year-round destination

Historically, the southern coast of Norway has been a booming destination for locals and tourists during the summer season. We wanted to think beyond this limited timeframe and give travellers a reason to explore the area throughout the year. By leveraging the site’s natural qualities and creating desirable off-season offerings, Litangen becomes an appealing destination for all seasons.

A circular platform at the highest point of the development provides a 360-degree view of the archipelago – a perfect destination for an evening walk to meet neighbours or enjoy a quiet moment of contemplation. Litangen’s adjacent hills are ideal recreational areas for cycling and hiking.

The town square is the central meeting point, easily reached by car, bus or electric ferry. In summer, the square becomes an active centre with pop-ups and events that stretch along the coastline. The floating islands in the lagoon can be transformed into stages for spectators in the square.

Coastal paradise

Litangen’s focal points are the lagoon, wharf, marina and beach, all shaped by their dialogue with the sun, stunning views and coastline. The wharf and the lagoon are public meeting places with various activities for residents and visitors. The marina is a boat enthusiast's paradise – it is the gateway to Litangen from the sea, with space for more than 200 boats.

The beach becomes the favourite gathering place on a hot summer day, with activities like volleyball and boccia ball. A small exclusive hotel on the east side of the beach is Litangen's meeting point for lunch, dinner and sunset cocktails.