Moonstone Wellness Retreat

Project information

  1. Location Bodø‚ Norway
  2. Area8.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2021 — ongoing
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Partners SLA Landscape Architects
    Abstract Drawing Center
  4. Client Moonstone Retreat AS
  5. Enquiries Knut Hovland

The Moonstone Wellness Retreat in Geitvågen in Northern Norway is set to become an internationally recognised destination for visitors to immerse themselves in nature, with architecture designed to allow guests to experience the gentle breezes, the warmth of the sun, the mystical northern lights, and the ever-changing lunar cycles.

Enhancing the allure of the area

Geitvågen is already well known for its popular public campsite near the beach, attracting surfers, hikers and cyclists. The new retreat will complement and enhance the allure of the area, attracting new clientele and further establishing the area as a prime spot for both local and international visitors seeking leisure and recreation.

Simple and profound

Rooted deeply in the essence of its environment, the retreat boasts a design that is both simple and profound. Natural local materials and views to the surrounding landscape ensures a seamless integration with the outdoors. The large windows bring in an abundance of natural light and act as frames of the breathtaking landscape.

A celestial theme

The Moonstone Wellness Retreat's design draws its primary inspiration from the moon and its different phases. This celestial theme is reflected in the circular motifs that shape the architecture of the retreat. Three main buildings housing treatment areas, a spa, and yoga studios, as well as twenty-four cabins, are each thoughtfully nestled into the natural landscape.

Preserving and enhancing local biodiversity

In designing the retreat, special attention was given to preserving and enhancing the local biodiversity. The architectural and landscaping choices at Moonstone Wellness Retreat are guided by principles of sustainability and reversibility. Natural and eco-friendly materials are predominantly used, underlining a deep respect for and understanding of the unique natural characteristics of the Geitvågen area. This approach ensures that the retreat exists in harmony with its environment, minimizing its ecological footprint while providing a serene and healing space for its visitors.