Nesbru Healthcare Centre

Project information

  1. Location Asker‚ Norway
  2. Area9.000 m²
  3. Construction cost300 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2013 — 2017
  2. StatusOn site
  3. Client Asker municipality
  4. Enquiries Eli Undlien
  5. Scope Hospital planning and design

Social street

When designing the new nursing home in Nesbru, Asker, we wanted to turn it into a place where the residents could be together and have easy access to sheltered outdoor areas. Our concept, with a "main street" stretching from the main entrance areas through the cafeteria, and into the residential units, allowed residents to interact and maintain a social life in zones along the street.

Now on site

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Nine units

The new nursing home is organised into nine units with eight rooms for 72 residents, in addition to common services, management facilities, support features and an activity centre.

Sketch views of the healthcare centre

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