Orienten at Nordhavn

Project information

  1. Location Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Area13.900 m²
  3. Construction cost210 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2017 — 2021
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Dorte Mandrup
    Dines Jørgensen & Co
  4. Client Boligselskabet Domea København v/Domea,
    By & Havn I/S,
    Københavns Kommune (SOF og BUF)
  5. Enquiries Jess Sørensen
  6. Scope Residential design
    New Build

In the burgeoning Århusgade neighborhood, a distinctive mixed-use development is poised to transform the urban landscape. This innovative project prioritizes the creation of affordable social rental housing, which stands as a beacon of inclusivity within a backdrop dominated by high-end owner-occupied residences. The core objective of this development is to introduce a diverse range of housing options, enriching the community's socioeconomic fabric while contributing to the neighborhood's dynamic growth.

Orienten aligns seamlessly with the planned framework of Nordhavn, embodying the vision for a thriving, high-density urban environment that fosters vibrant social interaction. This development plays a pivotal role in the harmonious blending of public and private spaces, emphasizing the creation of a dynamic and inclusive cityscape.

Diverse Volumes and Outdoor Spaces

These two meticulously designed blocks showcase a captivating array of architectural elements, each boasting distinct heights and façades. Notably, they integrate a series of outdoor living spaces situated at varying elevations. On the ground floor, a curated selection of shops and cafés gracing Århusgade not only adds to the vibrant urban ambiance but also fosters a sense of vitality within the community.

A Diversity Selection of Residences

The social housing component of Orienten encompasses a diverse selection of residences, varying in size and typology. Access to these homes is thoughtfully provided through a network of staircases and balconies at different levels, enhancing connectivity within the community. Furthermore, the rooftop terraces serve as inviting communal spaces, offering breathtaking vistas of the city and harbor.

Orienten boasts a total of 98 family homes designed for social housing, in addition to 9 dedicated youth housing units. The development also features two stairway communities, comprising a collective total of 24 residences, as per the guidelines outlined in the Danish Social Services Act.

Sustainable Strategy

Orienten sets a high standard in sustainability as a low-energy building. It prioritizes the optimization of natural light, mitigates overheating risks, and harnesses the power of photovoltaic systems for renewable energy generation. Additionally, unused rooftop areas are thoughtfully repurposed into lush green roofs, serving a dual purpose of improving drainage systems and providing valuable support for local biodiversity.