Drangsvann residential

Project information

  1. Location Kristiansand, Norway
  2. Area15.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2016 — ongoing
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Partners Vandkunsten
  4. Client Drangsvann AS
  5. Enquiries Anders Oskar Frederiksen
  6. Scope Urban planning
    Residential design

Integrated in nature

The Drangsvann area has a range of qualities making it an attractive place to live, with close proximity to lakes and woodlands, as well as schools, sports facilities, shops and good transport links to nearby Kristiansand. The natural surroundings are varied and green with excellent views. Characteristic natural elements such as streams, small plateaus and rock formations will be preserved to become an integrated part of the new neighbourhood. Walking- and cycling paths will connect the area to the nearby woods and lakes.

Pick your house

A wide range of living units will offer suitable housing for people in all stages of life, with different needs and preferences. Apartments, studios, semi-detached and detached houses will all be available at Drangsvann. All buildings are scaled to create interaction and relations between the inhabitants of the area.

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A sense of community

The streets between the houses are designed to encourage activity and a sense of community, and will be openly shared by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Planted speed reducing islands provide green elements and security, and can also be part of the water treatment system. Water features, benches and play grounds are other examples of features that can be easily integrated.

Drangsvann Residential Area