Gystadmarka Area Plan

Project information

  1. Location Jessheim‚ Norway
  2. Area1.600.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2012
  2. StatusCompetition proposal
  3. Client Ullensaker municipality
  4. Enquiries John Arne Bjerknes
  5. Scope Urban planning

Connecting the dots

Nordic earned second place in an international competition to design Gystadmarka, a whole new part of the Norwegian town of Jessheim. Our concept showed how a green infrastructure linking the different parks and recreational areas would connect the new part of the city to its surroundings and create new spaces to meet and interact along the way.

Green wedge

To achieve this, we let the green areas surrounding Gystadmarka extend into Jessheim and connect with the existing town through a central boulevard. This will also represent the main avenue to and from Gystadmarka, creating it a natural hub of activity. The homes will be organised in 'neighbourhoods' of various building types, resulting in a diverse environment that underscores the proximity to the town.

Concept development

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