Afd. 45 II for AAB

Project information

  1. Location Skovlunde, Denmark
  2. Area3.920 m²
  3. Construction cost54 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2018 — 2023
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners SWECO
  4. Client Boligforeningen AAB
  5. Enquiries Britt Nemmøe
  6. Scope Residential design
    New Build

The newly constructed Afd. 45 II in Skovlunde comprises 37 one- and two-story homes designed for families. The goal was to create a community-oriented building that encourages neighborliness and outdoor living.

Social Sustainability

The vision is to establish a framework for socially sustainable development centered around family housing and a community-oriented housing offering that complements existing options in the municipality.

Although the area is currently perceived as safe, it faces challenges posed by extensive road and parking areas that hinder a vibrant street life for families with young children. To enhance community and synergy in the new development, three crucial factors are being addressed:

  1. Opportunities for eye contact
  2. Outdoor life
  3. Social capacity

The Homes

The development encompasses 37 distinctive townhouses arranged in two sub-areas. The two-story rows comprise family homes with private gardens, while the three-story rows include apartments and townhouses with separate entrances and outdoor spaces.

These diverse rows are integrated into two sub-areas, each characterized by its own density and unique features. All common areas are meticulously designed, incorporating green pockets for communal living and dining, play zones, and shared sheds for prams.

Common Areas

Distribution paths are thoughtfully designed as compact green pathways, leading directly past front gardens and communal areas. The homes are positioned to face all directions, with a particular emphasis on sunny communal areas. This ensures that residents always have the option to find a spot to sit in the sun.