Project information

  1. Location Trige, Aarhus, Denmark
  2. Area12.820 m²
  3. Construction cost153,8 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2017 — 2020
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners NCC Bolig
  4. Client Boligforeningen Ringgården
  5. Enquiries Susanne Hansen
    Britt Nemmøe
  6. Scope Residential design

The Trige Parkvej development presents a collection of 153 modern and energy-efficient family homes, each featuring expansive balconies and generously illuminated living spaces.

An Elegant Transformation of a Traditional Modular Construction

The winning proposal was selected not only for providing a subtle update to the worn-out building but also for entirely replacing the building envelope. This upgrade enhances the spatial qualities of the homes, introducing a completely new architectural expression while referencing the modular history of the shell houses.

Entrances are designed as glass slits, offering views of the green surroundings, thereby increasing the overall sense of security in the area. Additionally, the walls in the stairwells are painted in colors that become visible during illuminated hours, contributing to a visually dynamic environment.

Comfort and Energy Boost

The renovation has significantly enhanced the building's architecture, comfort, and energy efficiency. The modular structures have been refined to serve as a framework for a more refined housing strategy, emphasizing and maximizing the site's inherent potential.

Of notable significance, the well-established green outdoor spaces have been seamlessly integrated into each home, adding a crucial quality to the overall design.

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Daylight and Connection with the Greenery

The building has undergone a complete transformation with new facades, showcasing contemporary aesthetics and modular design, elevating the scale of the homes. The incorporation of floor-to-ceiling windows in every room establishes a profound connection to the surrounding green environment and optimizes the influx of natural daylight.

Green Buffer

The landscape has been designed in close proximity to the apartment blocks, forming a verdant buffer between the expansive new windows and the traffic along the buildings.

In the future, the outdoor areas can be enhanced through the addition of more substantial trees, an upgraded lighting strategy, the implementation of a visible Local Drainage of Rainwater (LDR) project, and the incorporation of play stations in the space between the east and west blocks.