What we do

We help our clients to realise their project in the best possible way. We take complex challenges and create order, flow and aesthetically pleasing designs that bring value to our clients, the end users and society as a whole.

Our design philosophy is focused on delivering solutions that transform complex problems to simplicity in form and function, whilst addressing a holistic awareness to context and the human dimension.

We have gained extensive expertise through a wide variety of projects over the years, ranging from large-scale urban masterplans to furniture design for interior fitouts.

Related expertise

  • Simulation (SIM)
  • Visualisation (VIZ)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  1. Skæring Bæk Housing

    Residential,  Aarhus Denmark,  2017-2020
  2. Generationernes Frederiksberg

    Senior Living,  Frederiksberg Denmark,  2018-2023
  3. Baggage Factory West, CPH Airport

    Infrastructure & Aviation,  Kastrup Denmark,  2018-2021
  4. Jetsmark School Centre

    Education,  Jammerbugt Municipality,  2019-2022
  5. Hospital Pharmacy for Region Midtjylland

    Healthcare,  Aarhus Danmark,  2020-2022
  6. University College of Northern Denmark

    Education,  Aalborg Denmark,  2024-2014
  7. Høje Taastrup

    Residential,  Høje Taastrup Denmark,  2020-2022
  8. Göteborg Allé

    Residential,  Aarhus Denmark,  2015-2017
  9. Dybkær Church

    Culture,  Silkeborg Denmark,  2005-2011
  10. Egeris Church

    Culture,  Skive Denmark,  2016-2018
  11. Linjer i Landskabet

    Urbanism & Landscape,  Aakirkeby Bornholm Denmark,  2016-2019
  12. Antvorskov Church

    Culture,  Antvorskov Slagelse Denmark,  2003-2005
  13. Vesterkærets School

    Education,  Aalborg Denmark,  2015-2017
  14. Hvidovre Health Centre

    Healthcare,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2018
  15. Trigeparken

    Residential,  Trige Aarhus Denmark,  2017-2020
  16. University College Copenhagen, Carlsberg Campus

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2012-2017
  17. High Five

    Residential,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2019
  18. Gilleleje Culture House

    Culture,  Gilleleje Denmark,  2013-2016
  19. Glostrup Children's House

    Education,  Glostrup,  2020-2023
  20. Trekløveret - The Trefoil

    Residential,  Lisbjerg Denmark,  2024→
  21. Postgården in Virum

    Residential,  Virum Denmark,  2018-2020
  22. Broen Shopping Center

    Office & Commercial,  Esbjerg Denmark,  2014-2017
  23. KU Science

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2019
  24. Varde Town Hall

    Office & Commercial,  Varde Denmark,  2014-2015
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